Hawaiian Body Lotion, Behind the Scenes | BubbleShackHawaii.com

You’ll not only love the scent and feel of our Hawaiian body lotion and beauty products, you’ll also feel the Aloha that goes into every handmade soap and soy candle created by our passionate team here at Bubble Shack Hawaii. These images will give you a little insight to how we joyously approach each day as well as an idea of the love that goes into every item we create. We show up, proud to create vegan and organic body wash creations, beautiful and glowing soy candles, and so much more! Our Aloha is your joy!

Every day at the Bubble Shack is a fun experience. Our super fabulous team of soap and candle makers, order packers, and product designers bring so much creativity and positive energy into our operation and our products. With current and previous backgrounds as musicians, marketers, animal rescuers, surfers, and everything in between, there's never a dull moment and there's always something new and exciting in the works.  That same excitement is formulated into each and every handmade soap, body lotion, organic body wash, and soy candle that we make. 


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