Shipping Handmade Soy Candles |

We ship our Hawaiian beauty products and wholesale bath and body products, as well as our handmade soy candles and handmade soaps via USPS Flat rate to any location in the world, direct from Hawaii. When you purchase handmade soy candles or Hawaiian bath and body products totaling more than $125, your shipping is free of charge.

When selecting your shipping option at checkout, please consider that we use small, medium, and large flat rate boxes. Below is an explanation of what fits in each flat rate box:

  •  Small: two boxed handmade soaps OR two loofah lathers OR two small wood soy candles OR a combination of any of these items to equal two products.
  • Medium: up to $100.00 of any products except coconut shell soy candles. If you order one or more coconut shell soy candles, please select a large flat rate box.
  • Large: orders over $100.00 or any order with one or more coconut shell handmade soy candles.
  • We highly reccomend adding insurance to your order as the post office no longer issues refunds for damaged items or shipping errors unless items are insured.